In 2017, Homegrown Essentials is formed in Highlands, CO. Together, three partners who share life-changing experiences with Cannabis meet. From the beginning, it was a passion for science that drove us. Once we learned to create natural phytocannabinoid products using the power of hemp, we began to share them with the world in hopes of educating and empowering others.


In 2018, our first products were born. After observing unhealthy smoking trends across the nation, we created a nicotine-alternative for smokers looking to quit. We called for a wholesome approach, combining responsibly sourced ingredients with high-quality broad-spectrum hemp extract. Motivated by the cutting-edge of Cannabis science, our passion and integrity with products is what sets us apart.

Around the same time, research into the hemp plant and phytocannabinoids is becoming more popular. Dr. Yasmin Hurd, and a team of researchers publish a study that cannabidiol (CBD) “appears to have… limited abuse potential and to inhibit drug-seeking behavior.” Dr. Hurd’s double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial assessed the acute, short-term, and protracted effects of CBD administration on drug cue–induced craving and anxiety in drug-abstinent individuals with heroin use disorder.*

We asked ourselves… If cannabidiol (CBD) could inhibit drug-seeking behavior- and under our theory- nicotine, what else could it be used for…

Today, you enjoy CBD in a wide variety of products- for a wide variety of reasons- but it all started when we asked a question… What can CBD really do?

Hurd YL, Spriggs S, Alishayev J, Winkel G, Gurgov K, Kudrich C, Oprescu AM, Salsitz E. Cannabidiol for the Reduction of Cue-Induced Craving and Anxiety in Drug-Abstinent Individuals With Heroin Use Disorder: A Double-Blind Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial. Am J Psychiatry. 2019 Nov 1;176(11):911- 922.

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By 2019, the incredible feedback we receive on our products empowers us to expand. In a pivot, the company relocates from Colorado to Pennsylvania for year two of the state’s pilot program. Homegrown Essentials embarks on its first project to grow and study hemp*

From the beginning, we have always practiced organic, non-GMO growing, have 0% recurring pesticide use, and limited organic fertilizers. We believe that hemp should be studied as nature intended, free from modification or interference.

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As of 2020, Homegrown Essentials operates from two locations, and has over ten products in our line. Every day we become more interested in the amazing properties of phytocannabinoids (like CBD). In March, we launched “The Essentials” line to give people access to our full-line of hemp wellness products.*

Our products start at our 8,000sqft. facility in Boyertown, PA, or our expansive outdoor farm in Douglassville, PA. We continue to use the same Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract from the original hemp plants that have helped so many.

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